The Best Advice When Buying Your First Home

In your heart, you know you are ready to move into your own home. But, you are worried about whether you have enough money saved and if your credit is good enough. You have likely been told lots of different things from lots of well-intentioned friends and family members about your suitability for home ownership. […]

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Diamonds, Emeralds, and Rubys: Insuring Your Jewelry

Engagement ring held by couple

Does homeowner’s insurance cover all of your jewelry? You discovered your cat played hockey with your diamond earrings while you were in the shower. Uh oh! One of them landed in the heat register, and the other cannot be found. You have now experienced what insurance agents call, “a mysterious disappearance.” Will your insurance cover […]

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Does Record Keeping Spark Joy?

Two people jumping

7 Pieces of Paper You Should Keep Forever You may think, “Paperwork sparks as much joy in me as doing my taxes.” If you recognize the reference to sparking joy about record keeping, you are one of the millions of people who have heard of Marie Kondo and her organizational mantra for deciding what should […]

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Are My New Tech Products Covered?

Damaged, Lost or Stolen Lots of tech changed hands this holiday season. Whether you bought yourself a shiny new gadget or Santa brought you something from your wishlist, you may be wondering what happens if it is damaged, lost or stolen. Think about where you take your iPad. Everywhere! You probably pay close attention to […]

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The Sharing Economy: Short Term Rentals

Guests and Hosts Have you used VRBO,, Homeaway, or Airbnb?  Are you a short-term rental host? Maybe you are looking into becoming a part of Silvernest or some other house sharing arrangement. There are many ways to be a part of the sharing economy with house swapping and rental transactions leading the way when […]

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Hosting A Party? Should You Serve Alcohol?

       Photo – Pixabay You may have heard about the law that holds bars and liquor stores liable for their customers’ actions after being served alcohol at their place of business. If the patron injures or causes death to someone, the business can be sued. This is called “Dram Shop Liability.”  Most states have statutory […]

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Tips and Considerations for the Walkthrough of Your New Home


Helpful tips when doing a walk through for your new home You’ve made the purchase and you’ve been advised that before closing you’ll need to walk through the house. What does that entail? Why does it matter?   First of all, Congratulations on the purchase of your new house; exciting times! Now, take a deep […]

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