How To Spot A Phishing Attempt

Spot A Phishing Attempt

What is it and what to look for Phishing, the crime which tricks victims into giving away personal details that can be used for identity theft, is on the rise in North America. Police, Internet security, and consumer groups in both the US and Canada have issued public warnings about the alarming increase in fake […]

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Buy Life Insurance Insure Your Love

Insure Your Love Buy Life Insurance

Happy Valentine’s Day! This Valentine’s Day get them something long-lasting. The awareness campaign from Life Happens is a reminder for you to protect the ones you love by having life insurance. Insure Your Love, Buy Life Insurance Valentine’s Shopping List Candy Flowers Life Insurance Insure Your Love Awareness Campaign Life Happens is a nonprofit organization […]

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Life Insurance Isn’t For You

life insurance isn't for you

5 Reasons Why You Think You Don’t Need Life Insurance There are some obvious circumstances when a person would need life insurance. For example, a single-parent family or a large family with a sole provider are compelling situations for purchasing insurance. However, here are five excuses for why people don’t purchase life insurance and equally […]

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Streamlining Insurance Information

Streamlining Insurance Information

By streamlining insurance information on one site you can quickly find the information that you are seeking. A lot of updates and changes have been made to our website. Therefore, this should make it an easier site to navigate.¬† ¬†Because we want to make sure you know that there are people behind the site who […]

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