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If your business owns real estate or other significant property, this is likely one of your company’s biggest assets. Get protection from major loss with commercial property insurance.

Commercial Auto

Does your business use of vehicles in its operations? If so, you’ll need coverage to protect you from liability and property damage on the road. Higher liability limits than personal auto insurance help to protect your business when the worst happens.

Tips To Follow With Commercial Autos

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

Get protection from all the major liabilities your business has, all under one policy that’s easy to manage. BOP policies are flexible and can be designed to suit the unique needs of your business.

Workmen’s Compensation

Protect your employees in case of accidents or illness, without putting your company’s bottom line at risk.

Cyber Insurance

More and more crime is taking place online, and every business with an online presence should be aware of the risks. Cyber insurance for your business can help to protect your digital assets.

Excess Liability

Need extra coverage beyond your company’s main liability policy? Excess liability policies are quite affordable and offer extra protection for your business.

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Other Commercial

Every business is different and has different insurance needs. If you need non-traditional insurance for your business, contact us with your needs and we’ll find a partner who can provide what you need!