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Insure Your Love 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day! This Valentine’s Day get them something long-lasting. The awareness campaign from Life Happens is a reminder for you to protect the ones you love by having life insurance. Insure Your Love. Buy Life Insurance. Valentine’s Shopping List Candy Flowers Life Insurance Insure Your Love Awareness Campaign Life Happens is a nonprofit organization [...]


Diamonds, Emeralds, and Rubys: Insuring Your Jewelry

Does homeowner’s insurance cover all of your jewelry? You discovered your cat played hockey with your diamond earrings while you were in the shower. Uh oh! One of them landed in the heat register, and the other cannot be found. You have now experienced what insurance agents call, “a mysterious disappearance.” Will your insurance cover [...]


Life Insurance Isn’t For You

5 Reasons Why You Think You Don’t Need Life Insurance There are some obvious circumstances when a person would need life insurance. For example, a single parent family or a large family with a sole provider are compelling situations for life insurance. However, here are five excuses why people don’t purchase life insurance and equally [...]


Ziggy & Zarko: Do We Need Pet Insurance?

Is Pet Insurance Necessary? Ziggy and Zarko are our Siberian cats. They are entertainment and companions all wrapped up into two huge, furry, wonderful members of our family. To read a bit more about them visit our Thanksgiving, 2018 post here. Many people automatically assume we have pet insurance for them. This is probably because [...]


Does Record Keeping Spark Joy?

7 Pieces of Paper You Should Keep Forever You may think, “Paperwork sparks as much joy in me as doing my taxes.” If you recognize the reference to sparking joy about record keeping, you are one of the millions of people who have heard of Marie Kondo and her organizational mantra for deciding what should [...]


5 Things to do Before You Start Your Own Business

Start your own business while considering the following advice from experts [...]