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Eat Your Greens, Maybe

New Danger Warning On Food Additives Should you eat your greens? Maybe. Chemicals used to preserve food or improve flavor, and even some substances used in food packaging could harm children’s health, says a new study from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The food chemicals, mostly used for coloring or to improve flavors are [...]


10 Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses

Malicious cyber attacks are continuing to cost the American economy billions of dollars every year. According to WebFx, 71% of attacks are aimed at companies with fewer than 100 employees. However, there are many safety precautions that businesses can implement to curtail this threat. Here is our list of 10 cyber security tips for small [...]


The Best Advice When Buying Your First Home

In your heart, you know you are ready to move into your own home. But, you are worried about whether you have enough money saved and if your credit is good enough. You have likely been told lots of different things from lots of well-intentioned friends and family members about your suitability for home ownership. [...]


Insure Your Love 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day! This Valentine’s Day get them something long-lasting. The awareness campaign from Life Happens is a reminder for you to protect the ones you love by having life insurance. Insure Your Love. Buy Life Insurance. Valentine’s Shopping List Candy Flowers Life Insurance Insure Your Love Awareness Campaign Life Happens is a nonprofit organization [...]


Diamonds, Emeralds, and Rubys: Insuring Your Jewelry

Does homeowner’s insurance cover all of your jewelry? You discovered your cat played hockey with your diamond earrings while you were in the shower. Uh oh! One of them landed in the heat register, and the other cannot be found. You have now experienced what insurance agents call, “a mysterious disappearance.” Will your insurance cover [...]


Life Insurance Isn’t For You

5 Reasons Why You Think You Don’t Need Life Insurance There are some obvious circumstances when a person would need life insurance. For example, a single parent family or a large family with a sole provider are compelling situations for life insurance. However, here are five excuses why people don’t purchase life insurance and equally [...]