What would a lawsuit do to your business?

What would a lawsuit do to your business

Defense Costs – Why Do I Need to Know About This? Insurance is a means of protection. Have you thought about what a lawsuit would do to your business? Taking the precaution of having the right type of coverage ensures that you are providing protection for your company against a possible eventuality. By selecting the […]

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New Hire Checklists: Small Business

New Hire Checklists

When you welcome a new hire there are many steps to take in ensuring they are a good fit. Most importantly, you want to make certain they are successful at becoming a valuable member of your team. After recruiting the best talent for the position, it is imperative to make sure that your company has […]

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What is Umbrella Coverage?

Don’t loose your assets What is Umbrella Coverage? Insurance policies and the various lines of insurance coverage available to policyholders can be confusing. It is a matter of great importance to understand one’s risks and the additional ways to stay protected in regard to a liability situation. This is where an umbrella coverage is beneficial […]

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Why Should I Consider A Renters Policy

Consider adding a renters policy Renter’s insurance is something a lot of people don’t think about – especially young people renting their first apartment.  You may feel as if you have nothing worth insuring at this point in your life.  However, there are many reasons why you should get renters’ insurance: 1. Your landlord requires […]

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