Personal Property Covered by Insurance

personal property covered by insurance

Are My New Tech Products Covered? Damaged, Lost or Stolen Lots of tech changed hands this holiday season. Whether you bought yourself a shiny new gadget or Santa brought you something from your wishlist, you may be wondering what happens if it is damaged, lost or stolen. Think about where you take your iPad. Everywhere! […]

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Streamlining Insurance Information

Streamlining Insurance Information

By streamlining insurance information on one site you can quickly find the information that you are seeking. A lot of updates and changes have been made to our website. Therefore, this should make it an easier site to navigate.   Because we want to make sure you know that there are people behind the site who […]

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Travel Tips: Rental Cars

Travel Tips: Rental Cars

How to Save Money and Stay Safe Whether your travel plans are for business or pleasure, there are a few things that can help make the trip more enjoyable and more affordable. This is part of our series on Your Next Best Years – Travel Tips. Please watch for more tips at a later date.  […]

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Should I Raise My Deductible?

Should I Raise My Deductible?

  de·duct·i·ble /dəˈdəktəb(ə)l/ noun NORTH AMERICAN 1. (in an insurance policy) a specified amount of money that the insured must pay before an insurance company will pay a claim. Should I Raise My Deductible? We don’t care about deductibles until we have to pay one. And then we are bummed out about them. However, there […]

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Preparing Your Home for Winter

Photo by Radu Andrei Razvan from Pexels Getting Ready For Winter – A Checklist for Preparing Your Home for Winter Weather Best winter memory: Sliding down a hill on my metal flying saucer as a fearless 8-year-old in Iowa City. Worst winter memory: Throwing my snowsuit-clad toddler into a snowbank as I fell on the […]

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Understanding Insurance Claim Adjustments

Water damage from frozen pipes Having an insurance policy for your personal property is the best way to protect your investment on those items. Insurance is something that we all need but hope to never have to use. For most people, filing an insurance claim can be confusing and stressful. Trying to understand why your […]

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What is Umbrella Coverage?

Don’t loose your assets What is Umbrella Coverage? Insurance policies and the various lines of insurance coverage available to policyholders can be confusing. It is a matter of great importance to understand one’s risks and the additional ways to stay protected in regard to a liability situation. This is where an umbrella coverage is beneficial […]

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