What would a lawsuit do to your business?

What would a lawsuit do to your business

Defense Costs – Why Do I Need to Know About This? Insurance is a means of protection. Have you thought about what a lawsuit would do to your business? Taking the precaution of having the right type of coverage ensures that you are providing protection for your company against a possible eventuality. By selecting the […]

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Proper Insurance Coverage for Salons

Proper Insurance Coverage for Salons

Orange-haired bride and other beauty-tale nightmares! No one wants to end up on Extreme Beauty Disasters! Maybe your client didn’t tell you that she had a chemical treatment and when you are coloring her hair there is an unexpected, bad reaction. Neither of you was expecting a terrible shade of orange. And even though you […]

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Travel Tips: Rental Cars

Travel Tips: Rental Cars

How to Save Money and Stay Safe Whether your travel plans are for business or pleasure, there are a few things that can help make the trip more enjoyable and more affordable. This is part of our series on Your Next Best Years – Travel Tips. Please watch for more tips at a later date.  […]

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New Hire Checklists: Small Business

New Hire Checklists

When you welcome a new hire there are many steps to take in ensuring they are a good fit. Most importantly, you want to make certain they are successful at becoming a valuable member of your team. After recruiting the best talent for the position, it is imperative to make sure that your company has […]

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What is Umbrella Coverage?

Don’t loose your assets What is Umbrella Coverage? Insurance policies and the various lines of insurance coverage available to policyholders can be confusing. It is a matter of great importance to understand one’s risks and the additional ways to stay protected in regard to a liability situation. This is where an umbrella coverage is beneficial […]

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