Preparing Your Home for Winter

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Getting Ready For Winter – A Checklist for Preparing Your Home for Winter Weather

Best winter memory: Sliding down a hill on my metal flying saucer as a fearless 8-year-old in Iowa City.
Worst winter memory: Throwing my snowsuit-clad toddler into a snowbank as I fell on the ice so I wouldn’t crush her on my way to meet the sidewalk. Which almost ties for when I had to dig my car out of a ditch because it slid off the road in a snowstorm – while on the way to pick up the same toddler at daycare.


What is your favorite winter memory?  Do you love winter sports? The Winter Olympics are a huge favorite with my family. We love to watch the amazing athletes and marvel at how much fun they seem to be having as they accomplish such incredible feats.  (See note about personal clumsiness above – falling on the ice when just walking.) It sort of feels like a guilty pleasure to view the Olympians from the warmth of my home! Seeing them on television offers me a vicarious glimpse into the hard work of preparing to be an Olympic athlete.  It is so comforting to sit back, under a warm quilt, and be entertained with nothing to worry about except maybe how many Golds the USA is going to get.

What to do inside and out 

There are no real worries because I have prepared for winter. Of course, I have not prepared like a world-class athlete but as an average homeowner who wants to avoid the possibility of chaos and damage to my property. Here is a checklist for prepping your house before the weather turns too cold for comfort:

Have You Prepared Your Home for Winter?


Award yourself a symbolic Gold Medal for performing these tasks. Whether you are an armchair athlete or someone who enjoys getting out into the cold to participate in a sport, you will want to keep your home warm and dry. With or without medals, you will be happy to have taken care of your property. And even though it is a long wait until the next winter Olympics, there will certainly be a few hockey games and figure skating events playing out on tv to enjoy from the comfort of your cozy home.


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