Spokescats Ziggy & Zarko

Spokescats Ziggy & Zarko

Getting to know us:  Spokescats Ziggy & Zarko

Happy Thanksgiving!  We have so much to be thankful for and on this holiday we wanted to share a little bit of what makes our lives blessed.

Dog or cat person? Is that one of those questions that helps you bond with a new acquaintance? Like crunchy or smooth, beer or wine, is the roll under or over, there is no right or wrong. It is all good. Our collective love of pets is what makes us more human and more alike than different. We all enjoy having something to take care of. Whether your pet of choice is a Corgi, Chia Pet, or Sea Monkey, she brings you joy. And this makes our homes happier places to be.
Animals have always been a part of my family. While growing up, I was fortunate enough to have many cats, a dog, turtle, gerbil, fish, goats, and chickens to care for and to love.  The chickens, not so much love. Especially, the aggressive attack-rooster. But he did offer an important lesson in employing self-defense techniques with the tools at hand – namely a broom. However, that is another story for another day. Let us jump forward to today’s topics: Ziggy and Zarko, our Spokescats.
Ziggy & Zarko: Spokescats

Distinct Personalities

Currently, our house is blessed with two gigantic, never-to-say, “No thank-you,” to a meal, Siberian felines: the brothers, Ziggy and Zarko. They are partners in adventure, connoisseurs of all things potentially edible, and all-around wonderful companions. Every day, they make us laugh. Zarko likes to sit in the kitchen sink and has a very high opinion of his agility/fitness level. Ziggy is the one who stoically surveys the premises and seems to worry about the next catastrophe around the corner. If Birth Order is a thing in the cat world, he is definitely the firstborn. One gets the sense that Ziggy is very concerned about Safety-First-type scenarios. In the insurance world, he is the agent in charge. Zarko is the high-risk insured, for whom we’d recommend a very low deductible due to the frequency of his mishaps!

Activity level – Them and Us!

Ziggy and Zarko are supposed to be indoor-only cats.  They do have a variety of cat-centric toys and activities inside the house and, yes, even a cat stroller for supervised, confined-to-the-neighborhood, sight-seeing.  The cat stroller allows them to get fresh air without having the pesky issue of getting too much exercise. They bought into the studies that show pet ownership is good for humans by lowering blood pressure and providing a better quality of life. This is true in our case because of being owned by these particular pets and doing their exercise for them.  Like any good exercise regimen, the key is consistency. Ziggy and Zarko have sometimes enjoyed their outings so much that they have embarked on trying to sightsee without the benefit of their stroller or humans. This is not good for lowering human blood pressure! Thankfully, the cats do not enjoy getting too much physical activity and have only escaped to the neighbor’s house a few times. Having pets is a great way to meet your neighbors.

Ziggy & Zarko: Spokescats


Pet Buddies

Please check in again with us as we share tales of Z & Z and also, the visiting Chihuahua, Odin. If your next best years include pets or your past pet profile includes one, you know what a blessing it is to have them in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Smith-Kenyon Insurance.
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