Let Us All Enjoy the Cat Days of Summer

Cat days of summer
Siberian Russian cat by potted plant

Before We Enter the Dog Days of Summer

Let’s enjoy the cat days of Summer with Ziggy and Zarko.

We think of the Dog Days of Summer as the days that are so hot that you want to hang out in the shade or plant yourself in front of a fan spinning on full-blast. Typically, these are the days from about July 3rd and which last into beyond mid- August. However, did you know that it really has more to do with the stars and Ancient Greeks, than the heat? But for our purposes in today’s world, it brings to mind dogs lazing about and dozing wherever they can find a cool place to snooze. But what about the Cat Days of Summer?

Morkie dog sleeping on someone's lap
The Morkie, Pyg, Sleeping

Cats, on the other hand, are always great at finding cool places to relax. Also, in case you were wondering, they were not high on the Ancient Greeks’ list of favorite animals. This article is kind of interesting if you are into ancient stuff or cats: Cats in the Ancient World. But let’s get back to now and our Spokescats enjoying the longer days of summer.

Cat sitting in sink
The sink is a great place to cool off!

Please check out this post here, if you haven’t met our resident felines and special Spokescats, Ziggy and Zarko. They bring sunshine into our lives every day! And also a large amount of fur.

Large cat lying on kitchen countertop
The countertop is another great place to hang out.
Even if your people don’t agree.
Cat standing by thyme plant
Exploring the herbs is about as much exercise as one wants to get during the day
Long-haired cat resting on patio
It can be tiring to go outside. Resting on the patio is a good idea.

Whatever your plans are for the summer, all of us at Smith-Kenyon Insurance wish you a safe, healthy, and happy one!

All cat photos are courtesy of B. Rose.

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