Insurance Client Testimonials

Customers tell us we help them.

Simple process with savings

“Tim took a lot of time to explain the recommendations, this was new for us” –AS 12/2021

” I had a car issue and we traded and bought a car, surprise, my agent was available to help us make the change right away and on the weekend, wow” TB 11/21

“I have choices like the date I pay and other options.  I didn’t know this before I worked with Smith-Kenyon” -DP 3/20

“I learned more about what drives my auto rate, now I can help my family and our budget” -JW 2/20

“Tim made this process easy. I learned what I didn’t know and saved money” -JJ 12/19

“Coverages were explained. We could have made a mistake if we stayed with our old provider” – AM 11/19

“Thank you SO MUCH for all of your help Saturday!! You went above and beyond and it was much appreciated!”  -MF, 7/2019

“Smith-Kenyon saved us money, they were easy to work with and explained everything. We love our new home and know our insurance is right”  -NM, 6/2019

“We’ve worked with Tim for years. We hear from him regularly and rely on his expertise” -BK 10/2021

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