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Get The Right Amount of Auto Insurance Coverage For The Right Price

Most people think there aren’t options when it comes to car insurance, right? You need transportation. You are required to have liability insurance, so just get it, right? 

Maybe some people are confused with auto insurance terms and coverages. Others ask — just get me coverage and make it cheap. Right? But what is the right next step?

We all hear the phrase—”Save Money on Auto Insurance,” so that must mean we just go with the cheapest option. If we avoid research and do not seek options, we might just miss the smart option—to find the right combination of coverage and price.

Our number one goal is to protect you and your family financially. Our second mission is we want to be your information source and share details of insurance protection that you might not know.  Auto accidents cause injuries, ruin cars, and disrupt your life.  We help you get the right auto coverage for the right price and we help after the fact.

Common Concerns When Selecting Auto Insurance

Here at Smith Kenyon Insurance Resources, we solve your issues with placing and maintaining auto insurance. We know most people experience these concerns:

  • Understanding Coverages
  • Need to Manage Family Budget
  • Ease of setting up coverage or switching.
  • Did I get the right price? Did I get a comparison of prices instead of just one price?
  • Do I have an agent that understands the claim process or are they just sales experts?
  • Did they provide me options to protect my family from financial hardship?
  • How do I keep my family safe?
  • I have a teenage driver, what impact will this cause on the price and how do I keep my child safe?

Expert Guidance from a Licensed Auto Insurance Agent

You are savvy and you have done your research, yet sometimes you do not know what you do not know. You need expert guidance on coverage and insurance pricing insight to manage your budget. We provide you recommendations, sort through the price options, and help you save money to manage your budget.  Your end goal is to protect your auto and your assets. We help you meet that goal.

What You Need To Know When Selecting The Right Auto Insurance Policy

The basics on auto insurance coverage:

  1. Legally you are required to have liability insurance for your car.
  2. If you took a loan out on your car or have a lease, the company financing your automobile will require you to have physical damage coverage( this means includes comprehensive and collision coverage).
  3. Coverage and costs vary by types of autos, car use, drivers and locations.

What you should know about your auto insurance when filing a claim:

  1. Why some carriers recommend certain limits for uninsured and underinsurance coverage.
  2. What rental reimbursement coverage provides after an accident?
  3. The role deductibles play in setting pricing.
  4. About impacts of at fault accidents and tickets
  5. Carriers and Claim handling can vary.

Additional factors to consider when selecting auto insurance:

  1. Telematics or usage-based insurance
  2. Age of drivers
  3. Single company agents do not price compare because they only offer one price
  4. Discounts and rating variables
  5. Internet-only providers and 24-hour call centers are convenient yet they miss one key item

We’re Also Here To Help You When Filing An Auto Insurance Claim

After we review your circumstances, we survey our providers and compare prices and coverage. Once your policy is placed our priority to you is to help you with service needs and at claim time to guide you through the process.

At Smith Kenyon Insurance Resources, we built our insurance agency around serving the community, because everyone deserves to feel good about protecting what they love.

We’re easy to work with every step of the way. Call us at 515-259-7782 or contact us to get started.

Car Insurance FAQ’s:

Why should I consider buying more than the state-required minimum for auto insurance?

It is illogical but sometimes the lowest benefit amount of coverage is not the lowest priced. Your agent can assist with showing a variety of coverage limits and why the benefits provided by higher limits might save you money in the long term.

You get what you pay for is often referred to when considering value. In auto insurance, everyone compares prices. As your agent, Smith Kenyon Insurance Resources can show you the difference between low, middle, and higher limits. In many cases, the cost difference is minimal yet there is a difference in benefits. Ask us why?

What do I do if I have a loss?

Be sure to get you and your family in a safe position first. Limit conversation with others involved in the accident. Then, understand the situation and information you need to move forward. Your agent can help guide you and explain the detailed next steps. Many insurance carriers have web, text, and phone contacts available to help 24/7.

I am getting a new car. Why would my rates change?

Car models, car age, and driver all impact insurance rating. Be sure to contact your agent to update the details and they can provide you with the pricing change.