Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

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Why Should You Get Homeowners Insurance?

Sudden disasters or situations can lead to one of the most destructive issues most people will encounter a weather event or fire that damages or destroys their house. 

Some people just get a home policy when they purchase their first house, or when they make the move to upsize their starter home. To protect your largest financial asset it is prudent to research options, otherwise, we might just miss the smart option—to find the right combination of coverage and price.

Our number one goal is to protect you and your family financially. Our second mission is we want to be your information source and share details of insurance protection that you might not know.  Home losses are devastating.  Correct coverage can help restore your home and belongings.

Common Concerns When Selecting Homeowners Insurance

Here at Smith Kenyon Insurance Resources, we solve your issues with placing and maintaining home insurance. We know most people experience these concerns:

  • Understanding Coverages
  • Need to Manage Family Budget
  • Ease of setting up coverage or switching.
  • Did I get the right price? Did I get a comparison of prices instead of just one price?
  • Do I have an agent that understands the claim process or are they just sales experts?
  • Did they provide me options to protect my family from financial hardship?
  • How do I avoid a disaster with my house; will my agent help me understand common causes?

Expert Guidance from a Licensed Homeowners Insurance Agent 

Homes are most people’s largest asset. You have done your homework and researched the right house to buy. Or you’ve been in the house for a number of years and made changes. Sometimes you worry you might not understand the protection and coverages needed.  You need expert guidance on coverage and insurance pricing. We will explain coverages, shop for you on price options, and provide you with our expert recommendations. Your end goal is to protect your home, personal property, and your assets. We help you meet that goal.

What You Need To Know When Selecting The Right Homeowners Insurance Policy

The basics on homeowners insurance coverage: 

  1. Home insurance is required if you have a mortgage
  2. Home insurance protects you from a variety of natural disasters but not all
  3. My home is rated for its replacement cost, right?

What you should know about your homeowners insurance when filing a claim: 

  1. Why some agents recommend certain coverage but miss some that are important.
  2. What is replacement cost and how does it apply to the structure and personal property
  3. The role deductibles play in setting pricing
  4. House age and maintenance are critical, why
  5. Carriers and Claim handling can vary.

Additional factors to consider when selecting homeowners insurance:  

  1. Remodeling can impact your coverage
  2. Smart devices and homeowner insurance discounts
  3. Single company agents do not price compare because they only offer one price
  4. Discounts and Rating variables
  5. Internet-only providers and 24-hour call centers are convenient, yet they miss one key item

We’re Also Here To Help You When Filing A Homeowners Insurance Claim

After we review your circumstances, we survey our providers and compare prices and coverage. Once your policy is placed our priority to you is to help you with service needs and at claim time to guide you through the process.

At Smith Kenyon Insurance Resources, we built our insurance agency around serving the community, because everyone deserves to feel good about protecting what they love.

We’re easy to work with every step of the way. Call us at 515-259-7782 or contact us to get started.

Homeowners Insurance FAQ’s:

I’ve heard my homeowners policy covers food spoilage, what other things might it cover?

This is a good question to review with your agent but here is a list many have forgotten: Dorm break-ins (students property away from your home), falling objects, unauthorized use of credit cards, debris clean up, etc.

What kind of roof damage will be covered by homeowner’s insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance can provide pretty broad roof coverage for all types of hazards.

Just like the rest of your home, the roof is covered against various perils, including: Vandalism, Fire, Windstorm, Hail.

As a general principle, insurance only covers damages that occur suddenly and accidentally. That means damage will be excluded from coverage if it can be attributed to: Poor maintenance, Wear and tear, cumulative damage.